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Search for Files that Do NOT Contain a Certain Term

7 Aug, 2012 - 1 minutes
Windows Command Prompt To do this with Windows Command Prompt, CMD. Start -> Run -> Type “cmd". use “cd” to change to your working directory and enter: dir | findstr /v /i "FINAL" This will list all files and folders which do not have the word “FINAL” in the title. dir /a:-d | findstr /v /i "FINAL" This will list all files which do not have the word “FINAL” in the title.

Restore GRUB after Windows install

18 Jul, 2012 - 1 minutes
Boot up into a Live Linux Image. Mount your old Linux Install, and use chroot to take control of it. mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt chroot /mnt You will get grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?). if you don’t mount you devices, before attempting to install GRUB. So mount all devices. mount proc mount sys mount dev Force GRUB to update it’s configuration file, and re install it back to the MBR.

Creating Windows 7 bootable USB from Linux

17 Jul, 2012 - 1 minutes
Using GParted, or another tool, format the USB to NTFS and make the partition bootable. As root, mount your Windows ISO. mount /home/osaka/en_windows_7.iso /mnt -o loop Then copy the contents to the USB. cp -rv /mnt/* /media/USB sync # Flush file system buffers Install the Windows boot loader to the USB. ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX You may need to download and compile ms-sys. tar xvf ms-sys-2.X.tar.gz cd ms-sys make make install # As root Done, reboot with your USB and boot into Windows*…

Synergy Config

To get synergy working, both the client and the server need to have a /etc/synergy.conf file, like the one below. make sure to replace “server” and “client” with their respective hostnames: section: screens server: client: end section: aliases server: end section: aliases client: end section: links server: left = client client: right = server end section: options screenSaverSync = true end This is configured to have the client on the left of the server, and the server is to the right of the client.

How to turn off CYGWIN MS-DOS style path warnings

29 Jun, 2010 - 1 minutes
Add a new Windows system variable with a variable name of “CYGWIN” and variable value of “nodosfilewarning”. That should disable the very annoying error, or you could fix it by using correct UNIX pathnames.