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Sway Fedora 32

For a while now sway and all the needed programs have been included in the fedora reposititories. Here is what I installed:

sudo dnf install sway swayidle swaylock 

This will get you all you need for basic sway.

sudo dnf install waybar rofi

This gives you a fancy status bar waybar, and dmenu replacement called rofi.

sudo dnf install pass passmenu wl-clipboard

This installs all we need for pass to work via rofi. Note, the clipboard if you can’t get copying to work.

To make passmenu use rofi instead of dmenu, we edit /usr/bin/passmenu as shown below:

< password=$(printf '%s\n' "${password_files[@]}" | dmenu "$@")
> password=$(printf '%s\n' "${password_files[@]}" | rofi -dmenu "$@")

To select an area to screenshot install slup and grim

sudo dnf install grim slurp

Then add an the following function to your $HOME/.bashrc file:

screenshot() {
    grim -g "$(slurp)"  $(xdg-user-dir PICTURES)/$(date +'%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S_grim.png')

EDIT: 2021 April 14

For a notification daemon, you may want to use mako. No configuration needed, once installed it will be triggered by D-Bus.

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