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Studying Tip #1

Studying Tip Number One:

Always Keep your notes tidy and in order.

_Make sure to keep all notes/handout that you are given by your tutor safe, secure and organized no matter what they are! Whatever they give you it will be in the exam/assignment. _

I’m trying to write a report about network design and disk analysis, I can’t find anything in my notes/handouts argh lol. I have the network design more or less done, I’m about to start on the disk analysis. Here’s what I have at the moment CSNC Beta 4

And if your wondering why I haven’t written anything in a while it’s because of collage ^_^ oh and Karate.

Hope this has helped someone. If only I knew this at the start of the year ^_*

See You Space Cowboy!

29 Apr 2008 | Tags ( Studying )

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