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Preventing Wi-Fi Access Point Spoofing

To prevent an adversary from spoofing your wifi’s access point. i.e Setup another router with the same name ‘_The Cloud’ for example. Debian based systems which use NetwrokManger allow for whitelisting BSSIDs, the MAC address of the access point (ap)/router. Once you provide NetworkManager with a BSSID it will force the connection to use only that BSSID value. This can cause issues with roaming though.

You can do this in two ways, nm-applet or nmcli.

In nm-applet select the connection, and open the edit connection dialog. Enter the BSSID of the ap in the BSSID field and hit save.

nm-applet edit connectionn

For nmcli run the command below:

 nmcli connection modify The-Pump-House  +802-11-wireless.bssid <BSSID>

nmcli has a complex syntax but is very useful.

If you’d like such things for your Android device have a look at Wi-Fi Privacy Police it is available on Google Play and F-Droid source over at GitHub the developers have published a few papers on the subject.

6 Jan 2016

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