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Playing with Unetbootin

I was using netbootin like I always do, got annoyed about the fact that I couldn’t find my iso image in the mess of files which is called my home directory. That’s when I thought I could implement a filter…


To add a filter to the image selection screen.


  1. First I searched unetbootin’s bug system for any referrence to a file filter and found this, which I assigned to my self.

  2. I got a copy of the source git clone

  3. Installed the development library required. apt-get install libqt4-dev

  4. Installed the Qt SDK, which also comes with a nice IDE (Qt Creator).

  5. Had a look around and located the function which allows you to select files (void unetbootin::on_FloppyFileSelector_clicked()). It uses Qt’s QFileDialog::getOpenFileName.

Qt API is documented very well I was able to add new filters within seconds See simple.

  1. Compile, check that I can select files. Sent a git pull request to the unetbootin mantainers. Done.


25 Jun 2012 | Tags ( bugs features Git Open Source Unetbootin )

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