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NetBSD: DNSCrypt Proxy Running on the RaspberryPI

These are my notes from cross compiling dnscrypt-proxy on NetBSD for a raspberry pi. It was surprisingly quick and easy.

I did this a while back, but I found the notes today.

# wget/git clone the dnscrypt source.
# Build on normal machine.
env GOOS=netbsd GOARCH=arm GOARM=5 go build -mod vendor -ldflags="-s -w"

# copy to pi
scp dnscrypt-proxy pi:.

# create a configuration file
<create config> 

# [optional - this will need to be done once and for a fresh install of NetBSD]
PKG_PATH="$(uname -s)/$(uname -m)/$(uname -r|cut -f '1 2' -d.)/All/"
export PKG_PATH

# install the rootcerts
pkg_add mozilla-rootcerts

# install them
mozilla-rootcerts install

# done.


24 Mar 2020 | Tags ( tips rpi netbsd )

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