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How to set up USB BT Voyager 105 Notes

Set up and working on 6 Sep 2007 on Laptop ubuntu 7.04.


sudo eciadsl-config-tk

Password : Normal BT
VPI: 0
VCI: 38

DNS: UK..British Telecom
Modem: BT Voyager 105
Chipset: GS7470

VID1: 1690 - Defult
VID2: 1690 - Defult
PID1: 0215 - Defult
PID2: 0215 - Defult
ALT synch: 0 - Defult
ALT pppoeci: 0 - Defult

Bin file:
pppmode: VCM_RFC2364

Use DHCP: Not selected
Use Static IP: Not selected

Useful Commands

Used to start the Modem and connect it to internet:

sudo /usr/bin/eciadsl-start
sudo /usr/bin/eciadsl-doctor

Used to configure

sudo eciadsl-config-tk
sudo eciadsl-config-text


-Pete, to future Pete :P

P.S I found this note and thought “hey this could be useful for someone”

16 Sep 2008 | Tags ( Linux set-up Ubuntu )

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