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GPS and Raspberry Pi

I ordered a 56 Channel GPS Receiver (GP-20U7) from hobbytronics. The GPS is made by SparkFun, its tiny as you can see below. So far it is working well and was easy to get working.

gps module

Cable things up

I guessed the pinout from the datasheet. Nothing exploded.

RX  -> TX
3V  -> VCC

Unbind serial

The RPI comes with the serial pins bound to a TTY terminal. This lets you plug it into a USB-TTL cable and use screen to control the PI. To use the PI with a device that uses serial to talk you need to unbind it first.

Test and go

Check its working with screen, you’ll see the raw NMEA-0183 protocol:

sudo screen /dev/ttyAMA0 9600

Install and start gpsd:

sudo apt-get install gpsd gpsd-clients 
sudo gpsd /dev/ttyAMA0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock

Use either cgps -s for CLI, or xgps for a GUI.

XGPS cgps

It took a good 15min for the first boot to get all the data. This is normal. After it was able to keep a solid lock inside next to a window.

12 Jan 2016

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